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Our Mission

Four students talk in groups of two while in the Visual Fine Arts hall at TRMC. Multiple pictures created by students hang on the walls

Mission and Vision

Three Rivers Middle College Magnet High School (TRMC) empowers students to be college and career ready. A collaborative partnership with Three Rivers Community College combined with TRMC's individualized and rigorous curriculum provides students with a dynamic, innovative learning environment. TRMC encourages students to become creative problem solvers and independent lifelong learners. 

Beliefs and Values 

  • TRMC should give us equal opportunity and multiple options to better our education
  • Strive to be a family so that others can be there to help us succeed as a community
  • TRMC should be a positive, safe, welcoming, peaceful, and fun environment
  • We should allow students to be independent, make decisions, and be treated like adults
  • TRMC should make sure that what's taught is understood

Staff Core Values and Guiding Beliefs

  • We are committed to providing a rigorous, relevant, and comprehensive curriculum that develops students' multiple literacies, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills
  • We strive to prepare our students' potential to become confident, contributing members of society
  • We use data from multiple sources to know the students that we teach and personalize learning experiences to meet student needs
  • We learn from challenges, mistakes, and setbacks and use that learning to inform our practice - we look for progress, not perfection
  • We value the collaborative learning community that exists between Three Rivers Community College/TRMC students and staff
  • We are committed to pioneering cutting edge and innovative educational opportunities
Two students sit at the corner of two tables as they discuss classwork in a classroom at TRMC

I gained the confidence I needed at TRMC. Now, I am ready to go on to college. I know I can do it.TRMC Alumni